RASA 11"

We love it but there are some mechanical issues to fix. The retaining ring tends to gall itself to the tilt plate and when you twist it counter clockwise to loosen it so you can remove the camera, the flanges holding the lens group unscrew causing the lens group to flop wherever they will. Our simple fix was to tighten the flanges going clockwise so they were good and snug, then lining up the camera adapter so the push-pull screws were centered in their slots. Then drilled and tapped 3 holes so now we can remove the camera without loosening everything and mucking up the alignment  of the entire assembly that we just tuned. Now the retaining ring is only screwed on lightly just for a safety in case a screw somehow pops loose.

Modified tilt plate with 3 additional 6-32 threaded holes so the camera can be removed without spinning the lens group loose. Don't mind the dust as it gets removed.

Note the 3 cap head screws.

Corrector and lens group.

The lens group threads into the internal flange and then the internal flange comes thru the hole in the corrector. Then the external flange threads over the top and holds the lens group in place. Note the felt like substance that contacts the corrector.